Zibo international language school was founded in 1998, is specialized in English language education, training and professional foreign language school.

        The school scale is larger, in the city are equipped with teaching, now does Zhangdian campus, Linzi campus, Zhoucun campus, Huantai campus, Boshan campus, Zichuan campus, Yiyuan campus, green campus11, accumulative total training students up to more than 10, is a collection of English, English, adult English, business groups training, and the English club for the integrated training school. School teacher is reasonable in structure, more than 80existing school full-time teachers, teachers in 8, the strength of strong teachers, school achievement is outstanding, in the similar school ranking. By the foreign teachers, excellent teachers, returned overseas Chinese composition teaching supervision room, ensure the quality and effect of teaching.

Highly qualified teachers:

      Our school as the first city of Zibo has to hire foreign experts qualification training institutions, breaking the" as long as the foreigner will be able to teach English language teaching", all the foreign experts are the international teacher qualification certificate, have rich teaching experience, good communication skills, humorous unique teaching style.

Teaching director:

     The light from the U.S. Master of education, the national science learning to learn foreign language learning Research Association Deputy secretary-general. " The national scientific research reform experiment base of advanced worker";" national education scientific research advanced teacher".

Course introduction                                                                                                                                                               

Campus introduction
Zhang dian school
Zichuan a school
Zichuan two school
Huantai a school
Huantai two school
Linzi a school
Linzi two school
Yi yuan school
Zhoucun a school
Bo shan school